secure real-time information
Data Pigeon enables your mobile workforce to review ‑ and update ‑ critical data in real-time on the move. Deliver unparalleled service in every customer interaction.
How Data Pigeon Works
Confirm your account with a monthly or annual subscription, or run a pilot using our free version. Download Data Pigeon Manager, providing quick, easy configuration and management of user administration and data access.
Data sources are securely accessed via Data Templates. Every Data Template can be configured with PIN protection, ensuring your staff access only the information they are entitled to view and update. Customise with your company logo and branding.
Install the Data Pigeon app, available on iOS and Android. Users log-in securely with validation for every account. Instant access and updates to critical company information for your mobile workforce.
Multiple Sources
Multiple Data Sources
Access all the data you need via your iOS or Android device including CRM, Sales Orders, Accounts, Logistics, Inventory, Customer Service and more.
Fetch real-time information from hundreds of company sources immediately.
Stay Secure
All information accessed via Data Pigeon is encrypted, keeping your company information secure.
Information assets are never saved on the mobile device, ensuring no "cloud leakage". The only limits to access are the security permissions you set for each of your staff.
You're in Control
Easily configurable templates that display the information you require, just how you like it.
Employees need to quickly review additional information? Immediate updates via Data Pigeon Manager enable access - no app updates required.
Data Pigeon Architecture
Our quick and easy deployment model allows you to rapidly deploy Data Pigeon with immediate benefits to your mobile workforce. Out of the box installation and configuration means there is no requirement for expensive and resource-intense projects to build and deploy, while enterprise grade security keeps your vital information assets safe and secure, accessible only to authorised staff.
Available On
System Requirements for Data Pigeon Manager
Windows 7 Professional or better, x86 or x64 with Service Pack 1 or higher
Windows 8.1 Professional or better, x86 or x64
Windows 10 Pro or better
Windows Server 2008 with Service Pack 2 or higher
Windows Server 2008 R2 with Service Pack 1 or higher
Windows Server 2012
Windows Server 2012 R2
Browser Requirements for Data Pigeon Manager
IE 11, Edge
Chrome, Firefox, Safari - all recent versions
Minimum screen size: 1280 * 1024