Data Pigeon is a secure app that provides instant access to your critical business data from a smartphone or tablet. It provides real-time access to business and customer information by blending data from disparate sources and applications into a single view, with the ability to interrogate and update information directly from the device.

Mobile workforces including sales teams, field engineers and customer service representatives, use Data Pigeon to realise improvements in customer service, productivity, efficiency and collaboration.

Data Pigeon allows you to access any data stored in a repository that can be connected to via ODBC or OLEDB standards. This includes databases and applications such as Oracle, SAP, Microsoft, Sage and thousands more. It also works with Cloud applications such as Salesforce, and scenarios as simple as a spreadsheet.

Yes! Data Pigeon V3 introduced our first Cloud connector for Salesforce. Connectors for additional cloud applications are in development.

Yes! Data Pigeon Professional Edition allows you to perform real-time updates to data from your mobile device, anywhere, any time.

No, it is primarily designed for mobile staff who need real-time access and updates to company data in front-line roles such as sales and service. As such Data Pigeon provides access directly to the data, not a graphical representation. However our product road map contains plans to add a graphing and visualisation capability in 2017.

Customers see immediate gains from deploying Data Pigeon with more effective mobile workers. This contributes to improved competitive edge, customer satisfaction and bottom-line profitability.

Yes! The Lite edition is free and allows you to perform a basic evaluation. Please contact us if you need to perform a more complex evaluation.


Yes! Data Pigeon can present images stored in a database, or which are referenced by the database as files or URLs.

Yes! Get get a quote here for Data Pigeon in your organisation; simply choose your currency and click "Buy Now" on the edition you would like. The order page displayed will allow you to specify the number of users and show you the monthly cost. We also offer a discount for customers who wish to pay annually instead of monthly.

Data Pigeon Advanced and Professional Editions include User Authentication for each account and device, and all data sent to and from the Data Pigeon client app is encrypted using advanced 256 bit AES (Rijndael) encryption. Data Pigeon also provides optional PIN security for every Data Template, which is how data is rendered on the client device.

No, it does not. Data Pigeon does not duplicate or save any business data to the mobile device, so it cannot be backed up to a separate Cloud account or device.

Data Pigeon Advanced and Professional editions allow you to use User Authentication, so every time a mobile device accesses the Data Pigeon server it must present a valid username and password. Data Pigeon Manager allows you to disable any user account immediately when a device has been compromised.

Subscribe to your required licence then download Data Pigeon Manager from our website. This provides quick, easy configuration and management of user administration and data access. Data sources are securely accessed via Data Templates. Users simply install the Data Pigeon app on mobile devices from the App Store or Google Play. Advanced and Professional editions ensure that devices are secured by using user authentication.

Because Data Pigeon is priced on a per user basis, you have complete flexibility to scale up or down, matching the number of users required to support your business and its constantly evolving requirements. Upgrades are simply ordered via the website, and any other changes to your licencing requirements are quickly and simply managed via our support portal.


You need a Windows PC (Windows 7 Professional or better) or Server to run Data Pigeon manager. Data Pigeon will perform better on a server, but a PC is ideal for running a trial or small system. You need iOS or Android mobile devices for the client, and a mobile data or wifi connection for client device communication with your Data Pigeon server.

The System Requirements for Data Pigeon can be found here.

Browser requirements can be found here.

You can use most Apple or Android devices which are reasonably current. Your device should support a minimum of iOS 7.1 or better, and Android Jelly Bean (4.1) or better.

Data Pigeon will work with any mobile data signal including GPRS, Edge, 3G, 4G and new standards. A very poor signal quality may make Data Pigeon slow although the app itself is tuned to maximise available bandwidth using data compression.

Yes, however you will need WiFi access if there is no available mobile data (GPRS, Edge, 3G etc.).

No, you don't. Data Pigeon secures all transmitted data using advanced 256 bit AES (Rijndael) encryption.

Data Pigeon can be installed by any IT competent user; the setup process is very straightforward. Configuration of Data Templates can be undertaken by an IT competent person; the skills are much the same as those needed for writing reports against a database.