data on the move
Make mobile working a reality: give your staff the power to do what they do best, with the information that is the lifeblood of your business.
Your biggest asset. Your greatest challenge.
A mobile workforce can be an asset and a challenge. Effective mobile employees need access to the data that they have in the office, typically stored in a myriad of locations, to provide customers with up-to-date information and make informed decisions. For many companies, provisioning a smartphone or BYOD device is the default solution for "mobile working". Typically this allows effective e-mail and web browsing, but no access to business critical data. Sharing data via e-mail attachments that become rapidly obsolete is an inefficient – and often highly insecure – way of working.
Real-time data delivery via a smartphone or tablet is essential for your mobile workforce to be truly productive, with on-demand access and updates to the critical information that makes your company really work.
Data Pigeon provides your mobile workforce with instant access to business and customer data from a phone or tablet. We give you real-time access to your complete data set by blending disparate data sources into a single mobile view, with the ability to interrogate and update information directly from a mobile device. Available on iOS and Android with rapid and simple deployment, Data Pigeon allows your teams to deliver the highest level of service at every customer touchpoint, whilst enhancing productivity, efficiency and collaboration.
Data Pigeon enables companies across a diverse range of industries including telecommunications, manufacturing, information technology, hospitality, logistics, retail, energy and others to empower their mobile workforce. With Data Pigeon you can improve relationships with customers through instant access to critical information, when and where it is needed. This directly contributes to improved business effectiveness, customer satisfaction and bottom line results.
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