2017 Trends Survey: The Results
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2017 Trends Survey - Mobile Access to Company Data

The prevalence of mobile technology in today's world means we take it for granted that data and information is available on demand. Research published in Harvard Business Review states the average person interacts with their mobile device 150 times per day.

So when Data Pigeon evaluated our survey data, it was a real surprise to discover that almost half of SME companies don't have a strategy for the provision of mobile applications.

These same companies believe real-time access to company data is their biggest challenge, while the ability to view data across multiple sources is a significant hurdle with inherent complexity.

And most companies believe mobile apps could help with customer satisfaction and productivity gains, yet are unsure how to achieve this.

Our report summarises the survey findings and provides a series of recommendations to ensure simplicity for companies seeking to implement and maximise technology for the mobile enterprise. Download your copy today.

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