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empower your mobile workforce
Mobile access to company data from a phone or tablet. Empower employees to analyse, query and update business and customer information on the move.
Information: instant access to your critical asset
Data Pigeon provides your mobile workforce with real-time access and updates to business critical data directly from a mobile device, ensuring the highest level of service and responsiveness in every function of your company. It enhances productivity, efficiency and collaboration by giving staff the information they need to be effective, literally at their fingertips.
The Data Pigeon Advantage
Real-Time Information
Real-Time Information
On Demand
Securely access critical company information assets, direct to your mobile device.
Improve Collaboration
Single Source
Enhance productivity and collaboration with real data – no duplications to synchronise and update later.
Customer Satisfaction
Customer Satisfaction
Timely Response
Respond to enquiries quickly and professionally at every touchpoint, improving customer relationships.
Save Time
Save Time
Efficient Employees
Enable your employees to work efficiently on the move, saving time and money.
Update Information
Update Information
Mobile Ready
Update information on the go, directly from your phone or tablet – anytime, anywhere.
Simple IT
Simple IT
Minimal Investment
Simple installation, deployment and flexible pricing provides cost–effective entry point for mobile applications.
Secure instant access
Review, query and update critical business data, in real time, from your smartphone or tablet. A fully encrypted architecture ensures no "cloud leakage".
data pigeon app
Improve customer service
Merge information from multiple sources into a single view. Save time and improve communications and service in every interaction.
Data Templates
Enhance productivity, efficiency and collaboration
Versatile, easy to maintain Data Templates allow changes to be instantly deployed. Keep your team agile while on the move.